Research has shown that unhealthy diet is likely to affect productivity by up to

The cost of absenteeism in the workplace is estimated at%

In 2019, on average 4.1 mln people in Europe were reported to be absent from work due to illness or disability

in 2020, France was amongst the countries with the highest rate of absenteeism, reaching

in 2019 Employers lost on average 38 working days per worker to health related absence and presenteeism

Average annual cost of sickness per employee is

Sources: _quarterly_statistics

Increasing number of organisations are starting to realise that what motivates their employees goes beyond providing high salaries and benefits. To reach their peak potential, employees need not only to be in good physical health but also mental health, which with the continuation of pandemic can become increasingly difficult.

Studies have shown that an increase in employee’s wellness corelates with higher levels of motivation, job satisfaction, productivity and decreased absenteeism resulting in a more efficient workforce for your business.

Precision You Nutrition | Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Stay ahead of the game and invest in the wellness of your team.

I combine my expertise in nutrition and coaching to help your employees reduce stress, manage health conditions, lose weight, overcome challenges, improve health & wellbeing and live lives with more meaning and purpose.

I offer flexible and bespoke solutions carefully tailored to the needs of your company and the employees:

  • Consultancy services
  • Lunch and learn 
  • Corporate talks/seminars/workshops (Nutrition Basics, Sugar free, Energy boost, Improve your sleep, Stress management and resilience, Supporting immune system during the pandemic, Mental health and nutrition, and many more)
  • MOT health checks for employees
  • 1-2-1 short consultations (usually 30min) for employees and senior management 
  • Executive Wellbeing Programs
  • 3-month nutrition challenge
Precision You Nutrition | Certified Health and Wellness Coach

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Precision You Nutrition | Monika Searle | Registered Nutritionist & Health Coach
EI - Monika Searle, DipION
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Health & Wellness Coach
My clinic now mainly operates online allowing me to work with clients worldwide.

Grasse, France 

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I am CNHC registered for Nutritional Therapy. I Also practice Health & Wellness Coaching
Mental Health First Aider | Precision You Nutrition | Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine for Brain and mental health
Precision You Nutrition | Certified Health and Wellness Coach
Precision You Nutrition | Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Precision You Nutrition | Certified Health & Wellness Coach